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May 05, 2023

Author Interview: Discover Your Wise Writer Within With Megan Barnhard

Are you looking to share your message with the world by publishing your own oracle card deck (or another physical product you’re feeling inspired to create)? 

You may feel like there’s something inside you that needs to be expressed, but you’re feeling stuck because you’re not sure how to bring it to life. Or you may be struggling with creative blocks and coming up against a ton of resistance with each step you take.

If so, you’ll love this interview between Anna Frolik and Megan Barnhard in which we talked about how to connect with the intuitive creator within you to unlock your creative flow and liberate your inner voice so you can share the message that wants to come through you with ease and joy—while making the profound impact you were born to make with your soul gifts, products, and offerings.

The Path From Intuitive Nudge to a Published Oracle Deck

Megan Barnhard is an intuitive writing coach and the author of The Wise Writer Within Oracle Deck. This process first began when she received an intuitive pull that she couldn’t ignore. It became very clear to her that she should put the wisdom that kept coming through in her client sessions into an oracle card deck.

Once it was time to put her plan into action, she began to feel overwhelmed by the long list of tasks involved creating an oracle deck. Despite her strong desire to make her vision a reality, the many details that needed to be taken care of left her feeling stuck and frustrated. 

Megan was introduced to Wonderland Publishing through a mutual colleague, and we got straight to work by helping her pick up where she left off. She opted for a complete done-for-you service so that she could go back to focusing on her zone of genius and serving her clients. 

This included professional artistry and graphic design for the cards, ensuring they were aligned with Megan’s vision. (A big shoutout to Nixie Foster, who designed the amazing artwork for this deck.) We also created a full-length guidebook with in-depth meanings and writing prompts for each card. Our professional proofreading and editing services ensured that the final product was polished and of high quality. Finally, our full project management and publishing support allowed for a smooth production process and successful launch of the deck. 

Wise Writer Within Oracle (Guidebook)
Wise Writer Within Oracle Deck by Megan Barnhard.

Interview With Megan Barnhard & Anna Frolik About Oracle Deck Publishing and the Power of Intuitive Writing

Join us for an inspirational conversation where Megan shares more about her work as an intuitive writing coach and how publishing her deck has helped her grow both as a writer and business owner. You’ll hear more about the path to making her oracle card deck a reality, the creative and publishing process, as well as Megan’s best tips for connecting with your own Wise Writer Within. 

Towards the end of our conversation, we pulled some cards from Megan’s oracle deck to bring forth a message of inspiration for our viewers.

Whether you are thinking about creating your own oracle deck or a writer or artist ready to bring more ease and flow into your creative process, this interview is sure to deliver a wealth of knowledge and inspiration through light-hearted dialogue. 

Listen to the full video interview here:

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