Design + Publish Your Own Oracle Deck (DIY Course)

Step-by-step video course for soul-inspired creators, spiritual teachers + entrepreneurs ready to design + publish their own deck of oracle cards!

Hey Magical Creator,

Do you love, love, LOVE working with oracle cards? And you’ve been dreaming about publishing your own deck? Are you a spiritual teacher, healer, inspirational writer or intuitive guide and would like to share your messages in a new, fun and creative way? Join this course now, and learn how you can design + publish your own deck of tarot or oracle cards in 6 easy steps!

What’s Included in this Course

  1. 10+ step by step video lessons that will teach you how to design your own deck of oracle cards in Photoshop. (You can get a free 7 day trial to start. After that it’s $9.99 a month if you’d like to keep using Photoshop.)
  2. Lots of helpful resources that will make designing your own cards a breeze, even if you don’t yet have any design experience. Learn where to find amazing artwork, free + low-cost Photoshop add-ons + tutorials, where to print your cards, and more.
  3. Download the PSD templates shown in the tutorials to your computer to see the exact settings used in each lesson.
  4. Tips on where to sell your cards and how to get them printed without having to spend a fortune.
  5. The opportunity to get your cards featured!
  6. Access to all future updates of this course.

Ready to Make Your Dream of Your Own Oracle Card Deck Happen?

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What You’ll Learn in This Course

Before You Get Started
Welcome + First Steps Text
Module 1: Vision Quest
1.1. Outlining the Details of Your Deck Video
Module 2: Resources + Materials
2.1. Sourcing the Artwork for Your Cards Video
2.2. Finding Your Ideal Printing Solution Video
Module 3: Designing Your Oracle Deck in Photoshop
3.1. Choosing Your Card + Box Templates Video
3.2. Designing Your Card Layout Video
3.3. Adding Special Effects + Styles Video
3.4. Adding Borders Video
3.5. Designing Your Card Back Video
3.6. Designing Your Cover Video
3.7. Designing Your Box Video
3.8. Designing Your Booklet Video
Module 4: Getting Your Cards Printed
4.1. Preparing Your Cards for Printing Video
4.2. Uploading Your Cards for Printing Video
Module 5: Publishing Your Oracle Cards
5.1. Finding Your Ideal Publishing Solution Video
5.2. Getting Your ISBN Number Video
5.3. Distributing Your Cards to Amazon + Co. Video
Module 6: Promoting + Selling Your Cards
6.1. Pricing Your Cards Text
6.2. Where to Sell Your Cards Text
6.3. How to Promote Your Cards (Marketing Ideas) Text

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the course?

After enrolling in this course, you’ll have lifetime access to all modules. If you choose a payment plan, you’ll be responsible for completing all payments in full—otherwise your course access will be revoked.

Do I need any previous design experience to be able to benefit from this course?

Some basic design experience (e.g. using a tool like Canva) will help you get comfortable with Photoshop faster, but isn’t absolutely necessary. You’ll receive all the tools and instructions you need so you can design beautiful layouts for your cards from scratch.

Do I need to use Photoshop for this course, or does another graphic design program work, too?

I highly recommend using Photoshop since many of the templates provided by printing companies are specifically designed for Adobe products. The video tutorials in this course will teach you how to work with these templates and use different Photoshop tools and techniques to design professional looking graphics for your card deck. (You can get a free trial for 30 days, after that you’ll pay a small monthly fee of $9.99 to keep using Photoshop.)

What software will I need to design my booklets?

This depends on the type of booklet and the specific templates provided by your printing company. In the tutorials, we’ll be working with a professional layouting tool called Affinity Publisher. (You can get a free trial for the first 90 days.) In many cases, using a traditional word processing application such as iWorks Pages can work as well.

Can I benefit from this course even if I don’t want to design my own graphics?

Yes, absolutely! While a large portion of this course is focused on designing your card deck, understanding the complete process of creating and publishing a deck can also benefit you if you’re thinking about hiring a professional designer for your project.

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