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About Us

At Wonderland Publishing, we’re passionate about helping spiritual business owners, healers, coaches, and creatives make their physical product visions a reality.

We specialize in supporting our clients on their journey of creating, producing, and publishing their own oracle card decks, which is how most of our clients begin their work with us. However, we’re also happy to help you create other products based on your card deck, whether it’s a journal, colouring book, or a whole series of merchandise products inspired by your deck.

Whatever you need to grow your brand and develop your product-based business, we’re delighted to assist you with our design, editing, publishing, project management, and coaching services.

Elemental Goddess Tarot, Kaira Sherman, 9 of Water (9 of Cups)

Meet the Team

Anna Frolik

Anna Frolik

Founder, CEO & Chief Editor

Anna gave birth to Wonderland Publishing as a self-publishing venture in 2012, following her inspiration to create her own first oracle decks, guided meditations, and courses. Since 2015, she has been supporting others on their journey of birthing their own card decks into the world, first through her Design & Publish Your Own Oracle Deck course and with her done-for-you services since 2019.

Currently located on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Anna loves to explore the outdoors, capture magical waterfalls and mossy forests in her photography, and play with elves and fairies. Learn more about Anna and her work at annafrolik.com.

Heath Armstrong

Heath Armstrong

Co-Creator, Crowdfunding & E-Commerce Expert

Heath is a creative entrepreneur, author, and product development geek. He is the creator of the popular Sweet-Ass Affirmations card decks, co-founder of Rage Create, and co-creator of the upcoming Deck Creators’ Mastermind. He has raised over $200K for his decks through crowdfunding and has many years of experience in the e-commerce realm.

He’s passionate about building community and bringing products to life while exploring the world in his van. He also loves foraging and growing mushrooms with his little family and pups.

Anna Babich, Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Anna Babich

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Anna is a gifted illustrator, designer, mom, and wife residing in the beautiful “white town” of Balchik, Bulgaria. She specializes in creating whimsical watercolour art featuring magical fairy-tale beings and animals. She is also a natural born healer, channeling her healing magic into all of her creations. Anna has designed several gorgeous card decks as well as children’s books for our clients and has been a cherished member of our team since 2022.


Rachel Fishman, Graphic Designer

Rachel Fishman

Graphic Designer

Rachel is an intuitive artist, creative, and mystic who loves to support spiritual entrepreneurs in bringing their visions to life through art and design. Professionally, she has worked as an art director and graphic designer for over a decade, with expansive experience in the spiritual, magic, and wellness spaces. When she’s not creating art, Rachel enjoys cooking, ghost hunting, and cuddles with her kitty Chester.


Jennifer Ann Birge, Brand Designer, Collage Artist & Illustrator

Jennifer Ann Birge

Brand Designer, Collage Artist & Illustrator

Jennifer specializes in mystical artistry for spiritual entrepreneurs to help them embody their essence and express their soul gifts through sacred branding, collage art, and oracle design.

She is also a seer and infuses her art with healing activations while focusing on being a channel of inspiration through the expression of the divine feminine. She is a 2/4 Generator in Human Design. Jennifer currently resides in the ancient Appalachian mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, with her dog Sage.