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Magical Heart Healing Cards


Contents: 142 poker size cards, instructions booklet + box.

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The Magical Heart Healing Cards were designed with love by Anna Frolik, the founder of Wonderland Publishing. Anna received the inspiration for this deck while she was on an adventurous healing journey about 9 years ago. As she channeled these cards, she received the medicine she needed to heal her own heart, free her magic, and make many of her most precious dreams come true.

On her adventures, Anna met many members of her soul family, found true love, returned to her long-lost childhood home in Canada, started her publishing business, and created many magical things such as her guided meditations and healing cards. Today, she delights in sharing what she has learned with divine co-creators like you, hoping to help many others discover their magic, find healing, and manifest their heart’s desires with ease + joy.

This beautiful deck contains 142 poker sized cards featuring channeled messages and a 20-page instructions booklet. It comes in a sturdy box to protect your cards. The cards are adorned with silver edges for an extra dose of magic.

The Magical Heart Healing Cards are perfect for daily inspirational guidance or as a special gift for your loved ones.

Work with the Magical Heart Healing Cards to …

  • Manifest your dreams with more ease + joy in all areas of your life.
  • Deepen intimacy and connection with your romantic partner and in all your significant relationships.
  • Heal your inner child and release energetic + emotional blockages in connection with past trauma.*
  • Develop your intuitive abilities, strengthen your connection to your inner knowing, and make more empowered life decisions.
  • Experience a deeper connection with the divine and with all of life.
  • Experience your life’s journey as the magical adventure it’s meant to be.

* Please note: The Magical Heart Healing Cards are intended for spiritual guidance and inspiration only and are not meant to replace medical or psychological treatment.

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